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Exciting Times!

When we started this blog a couple of month ago we had a few expectations from it. Firstly it would be a way for our clients to see what we’re up to. Secondly we wanted a platform to look, appreciate and give feedback on some of the great work from other agencies and freelancers and thirdly, we wanted to try and stimulate growth within the freelance sector of South Africa.

The reality of the situation is that we’re a lot busier than we could ever have imagined, which is good, but it also takes away from doing other things like writing in the blog.

So I’m going to use this brief blog entry to give you some feedback on how things are going in the Ninjas For Hire camp, but it will be very superficial as we take NDAs very seriously (As you might know).

We are currently working with three South African agencies on some exciting work. One of them is mostly static roll-outs while the other involves a lot of custom WordPress work. (We love WordPress BTW 😉 We hope to write an article on various ways how WordPress can help your business soon. ) The third is a really large project which involves a rebuild of a large corporate entity’s site. Exciting times!

We are also working with some freelance project managers on projects of various sizes and is in talks with another freelance project manager for a large project that is coming up in a month or two from now.

I know that the above article probably sounded really vague and boring, but if you knew the details of the projects you would be just as excited as we are about them.

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