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Google+ : Crowdsourcing a Social Network

We’re not sure if this was the initial intention of Google when they launched their Google+ service, but by having all their key engineers involved and end-user facing, they managed to get to a point where they take feedback from the users and implement it as they see fit. Beside the feedback tool in the bottom right-hand corner of the site, their engineers also monitor key people’s updates and subsequent comments and give immediate feedback where they can. Google+ is now essentially a crowd-sourced social network and considering the alternative, this makes a lot of sense.

This will enable Google to have a social network that is 100% tailored to the needs of their users with no unnecessary bloating. Google’s revenue stream is based mostly on advertising, so as long as users are on the site and using it, it’s good for Google’s pockets.

Facebook’s approach has always been the complete opposite. They had an Apple-like approach, where they tell the users what they want and everyone just followed. While this enabled them to try all available avenues for income generation, it also bloated Facebook beyond recognition. The initial, easy to use tool that you joined to connect with friends, family and old school friends is long gone, instead you have a check-in service, an email service, a games platform and now even a local group-buying deals service.

We are of the opinion that Facebook is at a tipping point where there is so little left that original “site” that users are frustrated and just hanging around because all their friends are on it. This is not a good place to be for Facebook and the moment some other service comes along that will also have their friends on it, the users will jump ship.

I’m not saying that this wont happen to Google in the long run, but for now it’s nice, clean, simple and easy to use and we can’t wait to see what happens in the long run with all the great user input they’re receiving.

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