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Can Google+ kill Facebook?

The short answer is yes, Google+ has the potential to steal a lot of Facebook’s dedicated users, provided it gets adopted on a massive scale.

In case you’re not aware, Google announced the Google+ project earlier today and after looking at the promotional videos and accompanying blog post I must say that I think it’s a giant leap forward for Google. This can fundamentally change the way we use the internet. Think Facebook, but without the “walled garden” approach, that’s been the biggest problem with Facebook since day one.

Google+ allows you to share any content from the Internet with you friends on the go, you get to group your friends and share to a whole list at a time as well. Think of it like this, when you are on Facebook and you see a funny video of a cat sneezing you share it on your wall and your friends on Facebook can see it under their popular posts. Google+ will essentially do the same thing, except you wont need to be on Facebook or on any specific site for that matter. Google+ potentially turns the entire Internet into one large social network.


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