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Ninja Columns WordPress Plugin

We decided to create a WordPress plugin aimed at developers. As a result it doesn’t come with any CSS or JavaScript (for now), it just ads the DIVs for the columns, the rest is up to the developer’s imagination. It will allow other developers to easily add column functionality to custom WordPress implementations.


1. Copy the PHP file from the zip file into your WordPress “plugins” folder.
2. Log in to your installation of WordPress.
3. Go to the “Plugins” menu and activate the plugin called “Ninja Columns”
4. Enjoy!


To split the content into columns, you simply add the short-code [columnbreak] where you want the one column to end and the next one to start.

It will add a container around the columns with the class ‘ninja_columns’ and the class ‘colsid_{post-id}’ that will allow you to target the post or page specifically.

Download the plugin!

You can download the plugin straight from the official WordPress plugin page here:


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