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How group buying is fixing your social life

So let’s face it, Facebook and Twitter killed your real social life, you log on and within 3 minutes you know exactly what everyone, from old school friends to you co-workers, are up to at that very moment. The problem is that you don’t really have connection with any of these people anymore. You sit in front of your computer, they press “Like” from their cell phone and both of you think you’ve just made a connection.

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter killed the monster by feeding it too much. We are human beings and we actually need to have some real human interaction every once in a while. This is where group buying comes into the picture.

One of the few ways you can guarantee that someone is going to do something is by making him or her pay for what they’re about to do or attend. And if the price of that item or service is significantly cheaper than what it would normally cost, then you will have yourself a deal.

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Exciting Times!

When we started this blog a couple of month ago we had a few expectations from it. Firstly it would be a way for our clients to see what we’re up to. Secondly we wanted a platform to look, appreciate and give feedback on some of the great work from other agencies and freelancers and thirdly, we wanted to try and stimulate growth within the freelance sector of South Africa.

The reality of the situation is that we’re a lot busier than we could ever have imagined, which is good, but it also takes away from doing other things like writing in the blog.

So I’m going to use this brief blog entry to give you some feedback on how things are going in the Ninjas For Hire camp, but it will be very superficial as we take NDAs very seriously (As you might know).

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Inspiration For The Freelance Coder

You often hear that designers need inspiration and that coders just need to do their job, and well, code. I tend to disagree with that statement. Good coders just sit down and do their work, great coders will use any opportunity to push the boundaries and find new and better ways to code something, and that requires inspiration.

It can be something as simple as seeing something really cool someone else coded or it could be that 5 minutes you spend making a nice cup of coffee. Sometime 5 minutes away from your monitor can change your coding perspective completely.

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Welcome to the Ninjas For Hire blog

Welcome to the Ninjas For Hire blog, your friendly freelancing, outsourcing and online trends resource. We’ll be adding some posts to this blog soon, but decided to make the blog live as we couldn’t wait to get started!

The blog is the second part of the site to go live, so while we’re preparing awesome content for you, you can pop over to the Ninjas For Hire site so long to go see what we’re all about.